Famous Four Colors

F4C Gallery Presents:

Daniel Albrigo/
New York’s Daniel Albrigo joins the F4CGallery with his new cosmic & psychedelic take on America’s trails of glory. Piecing together the past with a futuristic look.

Meagan Spendlove/
The Bay Area’s Meagan Spendlove stacks her vibrant colors & ethereal linework. Molding together the rounds of motion, design & creative flow.

Jamos ‘Ikon’ Douglas/
Colorado’s Ikon (Creatures) will be showcasing his works and installing a must see mathematically based burner. Composed of various cuts, changing colors and shape from the angle of viewing. We welcome this talented freight & brick slayer.

Music by:

Craft beer by Old Steamer. They will be serving up the Oakland Lager for the lover in you.
Show Poster + Shirt Printing [Live]



F4C will be unveiling their collaborative garments.
A few words from our founder; “Over 10 years of cumulative effort. After processing hundreds of thousands of shirts produced in factories all over the world, Umbrella will be launching limited editions of 36. Quality unparalleled. Cotton grown in California soil, sewn in California factories and hand-printed in Cokeland, CA. It’s not a line it’s a movement! A War on Cheap Shit. Go get all the cheap shirts you have and burn them. Start over again with one. With meaningful art, from meaningful artists.”

Artist Collaborations for initial launch: Meagan Spendlove (PHX, LA, SF), Daniel Albrigo (NY), Vogue (OAK), The Coup (OAK – music), Inga Guzyte (Lithunia, Santa Barbara)

Please check back for additional info pertaining on how to order signature garments created by these artists/produced by Umbrella Shirts. Also, expect more photographs from the event to be posted over the duration of the week. As I am sorting plus collecting imagery from various folk who attended the exhibition. Photo donations are always welcome and will be addressed with proper credit if sent via email. Many thanks to Reuben B-L, Michael Broberg, Jamos Douglas, Ironlak and all of the friends/family who were able to attend the show. Your support is greatly appreciated ~ MJS