About: Spendlove_

Meagan Spendlove, often artistically entitled as Siloette is a contract muralist / project coordinator who lives in Oakland, California. Her current endeavors include, yet are not limited to; curating an integral arts studio and teaching public artwork within the Bay Area. For the last decade Spendlove has traveled to and painted in over 80 cities around the world. Creating portraits that have become recognized primarily for their bold lines and vivid color spectrums. Aesthetically speaking her style has been compared to Art Nouveau, stained glass & waves.

Solo Mural - San Francisco, 2013

Select Projects:

Carmichael Salon & Color Bar
San Francisco, 2014
Created a mural piece to be used as a back drop for a photo shoot and awards ceremony.

Smitten Ice Cream
Oakland, 2014
Created a mural and logo for an innovative Ice Cream company in Rockridge.

San Francisco, 2014
Created a mural on the business front of a satellite technology enterprise.

Adeline House
Emeryville, 2013 – Current
The Adeline Collective is an open forum for integral arts and music enrichment. Where private lessons are conducted along with workshops, retreats and shows in a nostalgic school house establishment.

College Track
San Francisco, 2013 – 2014
Urban Art Program established in Bayview for students preparing for College. Created a curriculum based on technique design, style and pride. Prepared the class for career options, established goals and an exhibition on campus. 

San Francisco, 2013
Produced a mural for the public to celebrate 75 years in business. Instructed intermediate and advanced art classes every weekend. 

John Muir Elementary School
San Francisco, 2012 – 2013

Organized and implemented public art curriculum. Created a mural with the class on the school premises as a collective.

SF Arts Commission
San Francisco, 2009 – Current

Public art program established for the community. Solo mural projects organized on a regular basis.

Where Art Lives
San Francisco, 2012 – 2013

Instructed public art and creative studies at June Jordan High School and Horace Mann Middle School.

Famous Four Colors
Oakland, 2012 – 2013

Unique line of apparel created for and produced by Umbrella Shirts.

Wall Therapy
Rochester, 2012 – 2013

Group mural project and integral arts event organized for the community.

Barefoot Wine
San Francisco, 2012

Promotional mural created for the LGBT community and Aids Foundation.

Cavalier Studios
San Francisco, 2012

Solo mural project for public display and promotional purposes at Jay Jeffer’s Cavalier Studio.

Haworth Furnishings
San Francisco, 2012

Installation piece created in Spear Tower on glass for an office and show room display.

United Business Media
San Francisco, 2011

Installation piece and mural created within an office of a digital publishing firm.

ECKO Unltd
New York, 2011

Signature line of apparel produced in collaboration with the “Exhibit Series” by Marc Ecko.

San Francisco, 2010

Instructed a creative workshop for the students at SCDC. Curriculum was established by the USF Youth Art Program.

Metropolitan Church
Toronto, 2009

Group mural project organized for the community. A video was produced along with editorial advertisements.

Chicago, 2009

Illustrated a T-Shirt design for an independent clothing label.

London & New York, 2006 – 2008

Designed two signature lines of apparel in collaboration with the “End to End” project. 

Intermedia Arts
Minneapolis, 2006 – 2008

Group mural coordination project and exhibition created by women for the community.

Phoenix, 2008

Illustrated designs for Playstation’s PSP2 merchandise.

Botanic Gardens
Denver, 2008

Mural project and public art tour. Imagery was created for promotional banner, bus side and taxi cab advertisements.

Alverno Women’s College
Milwaukee, 2007

Imagery rendered for promotional billboard advertisements and a commercial aired on local television.

Random House Publishing
Montreal, Canada, 2007
Produced illustrations for a book’s cover, jacket and spine.

University of California
Irvine, 2004

Installation project coordinated by a group of artists on campus.

Paris, 2003

Public mural created by a team of international artists for the community.