I’m in, I’m in motion

Sketch of an Octopus that was created using pencil and acrylic this week.

Wall Therapy

Here are few photograph’s taken by Erich Lehman from this year’s Wall Therapy Mural Event in Rochester, New York. Many thanks to al the folks who helped make this mission possible. Which includes yet is not limited to the cats at the Avenue D Community Center, Ian Wilson, Kristina Kaiser, The Yard Studios, Sweet Meat […]

Famous Four Colors

F4C Gallery Presents: Daniel Albrigo/ New York’s Daniel Albrigo joins the F4CGallery with his new cosmic & psychedelic take on America’s trails of glory. Piecing together the past with a futuristic look. Meagan Spendlove/ The Bay Area’s Meagan Spendlove stacks her vibrant colors & ethereal linework. Molding together the rounds of motion, design & creative […]

Birds of a Feather

Two illustrations of peacock feathers created during the past couple of weeks. One with the intention of apparel in mind while the other was drafted for a mural proposal.

King of Hearts

An illustration I created out of respect for symmetry and traditional playing cards. The final draft is to be produced on apparel in collaboration with the Umbrella print shop and gallery located in the heart of Oakland, California. Be sure to check back soon for additional info pertaining to the availability of the shirts themselves.

Happily Ever After

What you see here is an illustration created w/ a mixture of graphite, colored pencil and acrylic.